Scott has been a software engineer for over 15 years and it all started in the early 2000s when, working as a qualified Pasture Ecologist, he realised his work would be much more efficient if the data could be processed faster. So, being the guy who makes things work, who doesn't use the word 'impossible' and never takes no for an answer, he wrote his own palmtop computer program – the first step that eventually led him to realise that he wanted to shift careers. And although his first love is the .NET framework, Scott is well versed in a number of development tools and never locks himself into just one.

As a software engineer with a rich background across the Defence, Agriculture, Transport & Education industries, Scott has worked in depth with several technologies. His sharp analytical skills complement his knack for solving problems, and it’s his dedication and love for creating unique and pioneering solutions for his clients that make him a fantastic engineer for all projects large or small.

When Scott isn’t having fun making things work the best they can for his clients, he returns to his ‘roots’ – spending time gardening and being the family man that he is.

Meet the rest of our team

Robert Foster
IT Consultant / Managing Director
Ale Segon
Project Manager
Chris Gregson
UX/UI Designer
Joseph He
Full Stack Developer & Business Analyst
Fiona Williams
Relationship Facilitator
Ben Tudball
Front End Developer