Rob wrote his first software, a call centre database program, in Visual Fox Pro back in 1993. Around the same time he wrote a payroll application for the same company in MS Access, complete with Payroll Summary Statement generation for the ATO, back when integrations were not as common as they are now.

After a number of IT ventures throughout his career, including co-founding a successful Digital Agency, he felt it was time to call a reset on everything. He wanted to make his business about providing high-quality development services but without the robot feeling. He also wanted to get rid of the enigmatic aspect of IT and really bring his clients into the process, not just pay lip service to the virtues of this kind of service.

IT can be void of warmth and heart, while he wanted to bring those exact qualities to his clients and their projects. And thus, he started Your IT Team in 2018. 

As demand for Your IT Team grew, Rob expanded the business by engaging more team members and today Your IT Team has four full-time developers in addition to casual staff.

Rob has successfully run the Umbraco Meetups on the Australian East Coast since 2014 and created a space for Umbraco developers, marketers and business owners to engage in presentations and network amongst the Australian community. He writes open-source software/plugins for Umbraco, freely giving back to the community so that users can download and modify them. He is also an Umbraco Core Contributor, contributing to the stability of the software and the offering to its users.

So why does Rob love IT? It's the creativity aspect. He loves problem solving and finding a creative solution for his clients. Because he loves what he does, being in business is this passion. Outside of that, he loves caring for the garden, spending time with his wife and family and having a change from looking at his screens. There is much on the horizon for Your IT Team (watch this space), but for now it’s about putting warmth and heart back into IT.

Meet the rest of our team

Ale Segon
Director of Experience
Chris Gregson
UX/UI Designer
Joseph He
Full Stack Developer & Business Analyst
Fiona Williams
Relationship Facilitator
Josh Campbell
Software Developer
Sapana Chaudhary
Software Developer
Peter Busfield
Tech Lead