Meet Sapana, a dynamic software developer breaking barriers in the tech world. Skilled in .Net MVC4, MVC5, .NET CORE, Angular, HTML, CSS, Kendo Grid, and Kentico 12/13, Sapana isn't just a coder; she's a trendsetter in her field.

Sapana's coding journey kicked off with a win at a Tech Camp hosted by Microsoft Nepal, Unlearn Academy, and UNICEF. Her standout achievement? Crafting a payment-based app that showcased her knack for inventive solutions.

Driven by the underrepresentation of women in the programming sector within her country, Sapana sought to challenge stereotypes and forge her path in the industry. During her undergraduate years, she identified a crucial issue in the Trail Race series where accurate time tracking for runners of different age groups and categories was indispensable but lacking. This sparked her interest, prompting her to develop a mobile app and web application for precise result reporting and setting the foundation for her coding journey.

Beyond her coding expertise, Sapana is a multifaceted individual with a passion for aquascaping. Her creativity extends to drawing, playing the guitar, and singing. A true adventurer at heart, she ensures an annual long trek and regular refreshment hikes, combining her love for travel and the great outdoors.

Sapana's story goes beyond mastering code intricacies. It's about challenging gender norms, tackling real-world problems, and embracing a diverse set of hobbies that make her stand out in both the tech and creative realms.