Source code and hosting go hand-in-hand. In today's all-pervasive connected world, just having the next big thing is not enough – you also need some way to connect it to the rest of humanity. Your IT Team are experts when it comes to setting up and maintaining Developer Operations environments that connect the developer to the hosting solution, simplifying the process of building and deploying websites and apps.

DevOps management

The source code for your website, application or service should be treated like gold – as an important asset and key to the success of your application, it needs to be maintained and secured properly.

Your IT Team are experts at setting up Azure DevOps environments from Task Boards and Source Code repositories to Pipelines and Environment management.

Hosting Solutions

Once you've built your solution, how do you go about hosting it? Whether it be a website, mobile application or an integration between multiple systems, chances are you will need to expose at least part of it to the internet and allow users to connect to it.

Your IT Team are experts at hosting applications and websites on a wide variety of platforms, whether it be a Virtual Machine, Kubernetes cluster or simply a Web App Service.

Azure Cloud Hosting

WPEngine WordPress Hosting

AWS Cloud Services

Umbraco Cloud Hosting