Technology is meant to support your business to thrive, and never should it cap it. A custom application can do wonders in helping you reach your clients and/or simply allow your team to work harmoniously and to its full capacity behind the scenes.

Whether you’re in need of a custom-built Mac or Windows application or a mobile app, Your IT Team are the experts in custom app design and development that will support your team and business to succeed.

Need a Desktop Application?

There are times when a desktop application is the best option for your business. Your IT Team can custom build Windows compatible applications for you or create modern apps for a variety of uses – including data management, automation and security systems.

Need a Mobile App?

Ready to take the applications that support your key business functions and processes and free them from the desktop? If your team is ready to go mobile, Your IT Team specialists can build you a tailored mobile app, specific to your business needs.

Need a Web App?

If you need an online portal for your employees, your customers, your students or whoever, we can help. A web application can be the best avenue for allowing its users to communicate and integrate with other systems. Other common uses for a web app are training platforms or an e-commerce experience. Whatever it may be, speak with our team of experts and we can guide you in the right direction for you and your IT project.

Need Support with Your App?

Our team are pros in maintaining iPhone, Android and web apps throughout their entire lifecycle – from the initial idea through to the design and development stages, to testing and launching your app – we are your app support partners. The digital environment is forever changing and advancing, with regular browser and operating system updates and new devices being launched, and many factors can affect the smooth operation of an application. If you never want to worry about keeping up with the latest technology, Your IT Team offer a comprehensive range of ongoing app support services, including operating system, device and browser compatibility maintenance.

Need Tailored Software?

Why keep searching for the most suitable software out there when you can have something custom built to meet your every need?

As your IT solution providers, we are specialists in designing and developing custom software that will suit your specific digital requirements, whether it’s for web, desktop or mobile.

Not sure which digital platform will best support you? Get in touch with us and we can chat.