What’s that saying again … 'Communication is key?' Well, we couldn’t agree more. When your business has multiple channels receiving and collecting important data, it’s only effective if there is a healthy relationship between all channels, communicating and sharing the data.

Your IT Team are specialists in ensuring your data is not only secure and protected, but communicating as it should with all your software and hardware and that everything is running seamlessly – as it should.

Case Study: Mullumbimby Rural Co-op

Mullumbimby Rural Co-op had a problem – they needed to integrate their existing Fuel management system with their chosen Store Inventory management system. The two systems are incompatible, and previously a lot of manual reporting was done to reconcile the two, resulting in incorrect billing and loss of revenue.

Our team was approached to come up with a solution to integrate the two, and we used Azure Function Apps to create a bridge to pull transactions from the Fuel management system and push them to the Store Inventory management system. To ensure no loss of data occurs, the solution incorporated our Exception Monitoring and Alerting and provided the ability to export a range of transactions for a given date range.

The resulting solution was cost effective and responsive, allowing for accurate account billing and fuel inventory management. We continue to work closely with MRC and their providers to ensure the system remains up to date and running smoothly.

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