Mullumbimby Rural Co-Op operate a petrol station for the general public and its members. They wanted to update their processes in order to capture the sales and reconcile their inventory in a more streamlined and efficient manner to prevent the mistakes regularly being made and ensure stock was adequately monitored. They wanted to avoid the costly and time-consuming manual rescue missions, the frustrating delays and having to re-invent the wheel over and over again.

With that in mind, Mullumbimby Rural Co-Op had investigated two separate systems – one to manage fuel sales and one to manage inventory control – in order to meet their needs.

At this point Your IT Team were engaged  to integrate the two systems, querying the fuel system at regular intervals, then translating the data into a format the inventory system could understand and pushing it up.


As both systems had public api endpoints, our solution was to create a bridge leveraging Azure's cloud-based Function Apps technology to retrieve fuel data on a configurable timer, transform each record and store it in a Message Queue where it was retrieved by another Function App designed to push the transformed data into the inventory system.

By leveraging the storage and compute capabilities of Azure Cloud, we were able to develop a robust solution that met the criteria with a minimum of complexity while maintaining the security and integrity of the data.


Client Testimonials

Robert and his team continue to provide an outstanding service that is exemplified by his pro-activity and exceptional commitment to supporting our business needs. An example involved their input to an urgent task that he managed remotely over a long weekend that included working through the issue whilst on-route to his destination in Greece. This type of response has been typical of Robert and is testament to his integrity, drive and overall professionalism. Nothing has been too much trouble and he has always been quick to respond. Great service that is much appreciated. Thanks.
Ian Fraine General Manager - Mullumbimby Rural Coop

Technology Used


Azure Function Apps and Storage Accounts

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