Why Choose Umbraco?

Modern Technology Stack

Umbraco 10+ is built on the DotNet 6 framework, capable of running anywhere on a Linux, Mac or Windows platform and can be easily integrated into many existing infrastructures, such as Kubernetes/Docker or cloud environments such as Azure and AWS.

With its open standards approach, integrating Umbraco with third party systems is achievable either via OpenAPI standards-based APIs or using popular tools such as Zapier.

Open Source, Corporate Backed

Umbraco enjoys a strong developer community of thousands around the world, with many contributing to the source code. In addition, the Umbraco company has grown in recent years to become a world class provider of hosting via the Umbraco Cloud, as well as support that actively promotes and engages the developer community with Request for Comment on future product enhancements and direction.

Managed Releases

Umbraco runs a release cadence of a new major version every 6 months, with every other release considered a stable Long Term Support release. Patch and security releases are managed as required in a responsible and timely manner, enhancing the stability of the product.

Rich plugin ecosystem

Umbraco enjoys a rich ecosystem of plugins to the core product, produced and maintained by an active developer community.

Examples include:

  • Extensible and flexible Forms Builder (Umbraco Forms),
  • SEO tools (SEO Checker, MetaMomentum),
  • User Experience Analytics and Profiling (uMarketingSuite),
  • eCommerce and Shopping Carts (Vendr and uCommerce),
  • Integration with third parties and tools (Zapier),
  • External database integration and management (Konstruct),
  • Advanced content Workflow (Plumber, Clip - Content Creation Rules),
  • Advanced Member Management (MemberDashboard)
  • Extensible Property Editors (Contentment)

With many more being added to the Umbraco Marketplace daily...

Trusted by some of the largest organisations in the world

The European Union use Umbraco to manage their information portals, with extended capabilities including AI-assisted video and image tagging to identify high profile individuals in content.

Hillsong Church use Umbraco to promote their services worldwide with region-specific content available in each location.

Whittlesea Council (Victoria) use Umbraco to connect and interact with their residents, staff and customers with integrations including the GIS database and payment gateways.

Your Gold Partner

Your IT Team are an Umbraco Gold Partner with a commitment to ongoing staff training and customer care. We offer Umbraco-specific support packages aimed at keeping your website running smoothly with regular monitoring and updates.

Being a Gold Partner, we enjoy premium level access to the Umbraco core development team and priority support.

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Horizontal Gold Contributing Partner 2023

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