Ale has over 10 years of experience bringing digital projects to life, wearing different hats along the way—from UX designer extraordinaire to the master of digital project management. As a designer, Ale dived into a world of digital and UX design, exploring everything from eye-catching motion graphics to dynamic branding and digital platform design.

But wait, there's more! Ale co-founded, a revolutionary online marketplace that aimed to shake up the online commerce game. Instead of the same old ad-driven market, set out to cater to consumers' needs by providing tailored solutions to their underlined needs. The platform made businesses do the heavy lifting, researching, and bidding to solve customers' problems. It was all about customer satisfaction over consumerism, breaking the mold in a bold way. Though the start-up eventually failed, it taught Ale a ton about the nitty-gritty of customer experience and led her to pivot from design to CX and, ultimately, Digital Project and Program Management.

Since then, Ale has been rocking it as a Project Manager for Digital Agencies and studios, helping teams understand, incorporate and master customer experience in every delivery. Agile methodologies are her jam, and she thrives on tackling challenges with a dream team. With her experience collaborating with all sorts of specialists, Ale is the ultimate facilitator, team leader, and all-around fantastic colleague.

Did we mention that Ale is a whiteboard enthusiast? Give her a Post-it and watch her transform into a happy kiddo during a collaborative session. She brings the fun to the table while making sure every project is a success.

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