Fiona has 20 years' experience in healthcare provision, including high-profile NHS equipment procurement and AI projects which, combined with her superb managerial and facilitation skills, are firmly based on what works in daily life rather than ticking a raft of boxes. She completed her Master's in Leadership in 2022 and is the backbone of the team and invaluable support for Your IT Team founder Rob Foster and their shared vision of putting human-oriented values back into IT. 

Her extensive travelling experience and innate love of people have put Fiona in a great position for client briefings, where nuanced discussion regarding target audiences and big picture questions are always addressed. She has the practical user experience of networked data information systems which enrich every project large or small, offering the alternative perspective that often brings the breakthrough and advance. 

Nurturing and enriching the relationship amongst staff and between clients and staff is what gets Fiona up in the morning. True connection is the heart of all business and thus the lifeblood of any great IT company. The people factor brings connection that enriches all; the emphasis on systems leads to frustration, isolation and burn out.

People first always, systems and machines second.


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