Josh started his IT career at the age of 10 when he discovered his parent’s old computer, pulling it apart, putting it back together and was soon inspired to improve the speed of their then slow Windows XP computer by putting another completely different system on it. Apart from the small factor of losing his parents' emails, 🫢 it was a success, and the computer was remarkably fast once again!

The quality of never settling for less has shone through Josh’s career in IT. Josh started developing software when he was at university having been chosen to develop a system for an agricultural company to count seeds using imaging software. This happened to be a success and saved the team in the company huge amounts of time each day. Josh then went on to work for two major manufacturing businesses resurrecting their dated in-house ERP system, rewriting it and then expanding on it to deliver a system that saved the businesses huge amounts of time, cost and money. Josh especially loved working closely with each person in the businesses understanding their needs and bringing that into a system that would then fully support and completely change the way they worked each day. 

The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that you are developing a quality system that will completely enrich the way people go about their daily lives.