Joseph is one of our full stack developers and a certified Umbraco developer. Prior to moving to Australia, he completed his degree in psychology in China. During his studies he built a computer program to record the neurological reaction time of his test subjects. It was this project that exposed him to the innovative world of programming and he fell in love with it. He moved to Australia in 2016 where he pursued a Masters of IT at Monash, with the hope that maybe one day he could combine IT and psychology in a profession.

Joseph loves the thrill of tackling a wide range of challenging issues. His favourite aspect is the versatile ground this industry allows him to play on – each project is different and he’s always learning something new.

Before taking the plunge into Umbraco in 2021, he was a dotNet Core software developer with a focus on APIs and micro-services in healthcare management systems. He is competent in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, C#, jQuery, Vue JS and React JS and has experience with front-end and back-end development.

Joseph is now studying Business Analytics, and next up he wants to explore the ins and outs of cyber security. In his spare time he is a landscape shutterbug, an avid stargazer (he loves taking photos of the night sky) and a lover of urban legend.

Meet the rest of our team

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