Bespoke transport booking system

Your IT team was approached to create an airport transfer booking system for Steve's Transport with a two-fold objective – cut down on the time spent administering the bookings and create a system with the flexibility to manage their various vehicles and service locations.

So we built them a system flexible enough to allow management of their fleet of vehicles, available booking times, destinations (including special event destinations available at certain times of the year), members and drivers.

The end result is a portal for all their business needs, securely in the one place.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 At 10.39.53 Am
Custom business application dashboards in Umbraco are our specialty

Booking forms that are intuitive and easy to navigate

Screenshot 2023 01 04 At 10.37.01 Am
Step by step, let's get you on your way
Screenshot 2023 01 24 At 12.30.27 Am
Vehicle selection based on number of passengers – some with child seats
Screenshot 2023 01 24 At 12.24.34 Am
Booking summary with everything in review


Multiple integration points were developed for the first phase of the project, including integration of Xero and Stripe for accounting and payments and a custom messaging solution for sending templated emails and SMS messages to drivers and customers.

The Xero integration allows the system to not only generate invoices on the fly, but also to register payments after a credit card has been charged via Stripe, simplifying and streamlining the process of reconciliation.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 At 10.43.00 Am
Full Xero Integration right from the back office for admin

Time saving features for drivers

With the new interface, a driver can view a booking, send the client an SMS or print off and download a run sheet, all from their computer or phone.

While on the road, the driver can send a notification to the client with customisable SMS templates or download a run sheet for those spots without mobile coverage.

Checklists and customer on-boarding allow the driver to track the state of the vehicle and trip, with the information fed directly back to the office for reporting.

... all of which reduces the admin overhead for staff at both ends.

Screenshot 2023 01 23 At 11.47.07 Pm
Mobile-optimised driver dashboard – information at their fingertips
Screenshot 2023 01 24 At 12.09.52 Am
Sending an SMS – a mere snap with customisable templates

This is just the start for Steve's Transport – they offer so much more than just private airport transfers. The next phase could see the introduction of quotes for coach charters and wedding events.

Technology Used

Umbraco CMS

Vue JS

Tailwind CSS Logo.Svg

Tailwind CSS


Xero API


Stripe API