Your IT team is an Umbraco Gold partner of 4 years with true expertise in developing this Azure and user-friendly service. Umbraco Cloud has a super-transparent and fixed pricing structure and a refreshing user-friendly approach that make its innovations stand out from the crowd. Also, Umbraco’s foundational partnering on Microsoft Azure Cloud, meaning your website is backed by one of the largest technology companies in the world. Umbraco is known for:

  • Superfast set up and install, with autopilot bug and security fixes   New features are tested in separate environment sand installed safely ‘live’ with a single click.
  • ContentFlow, a user-friendly feature that gets around ‘content freeze’ , so editors and developers can work at the same time. 
  • Baseline, a fail-safe copy/paste feature and unique selling point that allows re-use of project components from a master site, rather than repeating set up from scratch. Baseline ensures consistency and quality and has proved profitable for many.