Your IT Team has been steadily changing over the past couple of years, it was time to reflect that in our branding and presentation.

When I first started Your IT Team back in 2018, it was just myself, working with a handful of clients that I'd brought along on a journey over the years.  However, over the past couple of years that started to shift, as I became busier and started to take on staff members who compliment my strengths and take ownership in their role.

As a result, we started re-building our website over two years ago, although the first version never saw the light of day.  But, as the saying goes, the Plumbers kitchen never gets finished... and so it can be with an Agencies own website.

Original Your "friendly" IT Team logo by Desireé Delaloye, Design Arts

The original Your "friendly" IT Team logo

Designed back in 2018 by Désirée Delaloye from Design-Arts, this logo came as a bit of a surprise to me.  

When I was presented with the new company logo back in November 2018, the email that accompanied it began:

I have worked on your logo and have followed the strong impulse I had to draw the attached ….. you might recognise it somewhat 😁 😉
Désirée Delaloye, Design-Arts


At first I was a little unsure if I wanted my face on the company letterhead, but after sitting with it for a while, I realised that just like this awesomely drawn cartoon face, our company is open, friendly and honest!


The new "hand" of Your IT Team

The new logo (and this entire website!) is designed by Chris Gregson from Hiero Creative, and conveys the friendliness of the team but in a much more clean and more straightforward format.

What we like about this, is it easily works in as an emoji as well!

Hand Logo Sq
The currently "friendly" hand of Your IT Team - design by Chris Gregson, Hiero Creative

We feel the new website reflects the business much more fully - capabilities, team, offerings and case studies are all much more visible.

However, it doesn't stop there - we have much more content to put up over the coming weeks from articles to projects.

From all of us at Your IT Team, welcome to our new look, we hope you like it 🥰

Your IT Team Sign On Image AW (1)
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