Recently we spent some time giving the MemberListView plugin for Umbraco the love it deserves to bring it back up to compatibility with Umbraco v7.15, and took the opportunity to extend it's feature set with the help of a client - Brand Toolbox who requested the ability to export members in Excel format.

In the process, we gave MemberListView a new look and expanded the capability of filtering and exporting significantly.  And on top of that, it now supports SensitiveData, blocking users without the permission from exporting members or seeing properties marked as sensitive, in line with current Umbraco GDPR support.

Filtering Update

Member Export - now with Excel goodness

Refreshed User Interface

As part of the update for Umbraco 7.15, we’ve refreshed the user interface making it look more seamlessly Umbraco with the layout.  All of the old functions are there - Unlock and Approve, Suspend and Delete.  Just select the records you wish to update and away you go.

Memberlistview Selected
Selecting Members allows you to Approve or Suspend, Delete or Unblock them.

What’s next

Now that we’ve got this update out of the way, we’re investigating building a version for Umbraco 8 with Infinity Editing and other improvements.  We don’t have a solid timeline as yet, but are aiming to have something out in the next couple of weeks.

If you’re using MemberListView and have a feature …

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