The MemberListView for Umbraco 7 provides a management dashboard view for Members with convenient filtering and sorting and allows for mass Unlock, Suspension or Activation of members.  This is one area in member management that's currently missing from the Umbraco Core, and this package seeks to address that.  The majority of the functionality was hacked together in time for the Codegarden 14 Package Competition and refined to iron out a few of the bugs and complete the missing functionality.

You will find the Umbraco 7 plugin on the community site here:

Update: New functionality has been added to the Member List View to make it even more useful with member filtering and exporting baked in.  For more information, see the latest Umbraco MemberListView Update post.


Installing the package enables a new Manage Dashboard on the Members section.  Featuring in-place member data editing, bulk unlock, suspension or activation of members, filtering and filtered export of Member data, this dashboard improves productivity in finding and managing large numbers of members.

The MemberListView has been designed to be similar to the ContentListView property editor and features a Create button to allow for quick creation of new Members and context-sensitive action buttons to Unlock, Approve or Suspend members depending on the status of their account as well as the ability to Delete them. All actions can be performed on batches of users, as they apply to selected users only.

Memberlistview 20140619

Member Editing

Memberlistview2 20140619

Member Editing can be done without leaving the Member List View by clicking on a member name, which creates a Dialog pulled in from the right side to edit the member.  This is the same view as editing a member normally so all custom fields are available.

We'll be updating the Member List View with other improvements over time like applying filters and exporting to CSV.

For now, head over to the project on Our.Umbraco to try it out.

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