I've been taking a look at the website traffic in Google Analytics lately and noticed quite a few Sources that result in a 100% Bounce Rate consistently.  On further investigation it seems I'm a victim of deceptive referrer spam bots like this one.

The proposed solution is to set up a filter on your View to filter out the unwanted results, but then you need to go in and update the filter or add a new one every time you come across another spam bot.  What if you could have those unwanted results filtered out based on other metrics?

So I did some playing around with the filter on my Channels Acquisition report and came up with this filter:

Include / Exclude Metric Qualifier Value
Include Bounce Rate Less than 100
Include Avg. Session Duration Greater than 0

Of course, you could probably get away with just the  Avg. Session Duration > 0 filter and do away with the Bounce rate altogether without it affecting your results significantly.

Apply the above filter and you'll notice a drop in the number of results, and your average bounce rate should improve and be a lot more accurate.

Once you are happy with your filter, you can create a Shortcut - effectively bookmarking it for later use.

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