Support Packages

Our support packages offer a range of features described in more detail below.

Features overview

As an Umbraco Gold Partner and Microsoft Silver Partner, Your IT team are well positioned to support your application or website. Our Gold Partner status means that we enjoy priority access to Umbraco support for the timely delivery of up-to-date solutions to you.


Your IT Team maintain a customer helpdesk that is accessible via email and phone and available to all our clients. Clients on a support package receive priority access according to the relevant Response and Resolution Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Security Updates

Security patches are applied as they become available, ensuring your site is secure and the business and your clients are protected.

Umbraco Upgrades

Umbraco release minor upgrades (e.g. 9.4 0 > 9.5.0) on a targeted release cadence of six weeks. Patch upgrades (e.g., 8.14.3 > 8.14.4) are rolled out as needed and typically include security patches and issues that affect the operation of Umbraco in an obvious way.

These upgrades are performed as part of an Umbraco support package at no extra charge. On a non-Umbraco support package, these upgrades are charged at the contracted rate based on a two-hour block of developer time.

Umbraco release major upgrades (e.g. 9.5.0 > 10.0.0) twice a year which contain breaking changes (i.e., they require significant modifications to an existing website). If requested, an upgrade to a major release is treated as a project and an estimate submitted for approval prior to commencement.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring notifies us the moment a website goes down, allowing us to respond in a timely manner without you having to notify us.

Proactive Exception Monitoring & Resolution

We use crash reporting to ensure we can respond in a timely manner to incidents and site outages that affect the operation of your digital assets. Up to two hours of developer time per month are included in our packages to respond to such issues.

Response & Resolution SLAs

Our quick response to support requests raised through the helpdesk is targeted at meeting minimum SLAs. Upon initial investigation, an indication of the time required to resolve the issue will be advised.

We typically respond the same day to support requests and the following SLAs detail our maximum turnaround on response time.

Basic Support SLA
– Next business day response to requests.

Standard/Umbraco Support SLA
– Same business day response to requests. Requests at the end of the day will be responded to by the next morning.

Premium/Premium Umbraco Support SLA
– Response to requests within two hours of being notified. For Premium Support, 24x7 helpdesk access is available for requests made by phone.


Have you considered a Development Hours Retainer?

A development hours retainer gives you access to our development team as if they were working in your office, allowing you to keep your assets up to date and relevant.

*Development hours can be rolled over up to one month only. Any hours not used within two months automatically expire.