Onsite and on-call support for IT needs

As a busy upmarket confectionary manufacturer, Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio recognise that time is money and it’s not to be wasted. When they discovered that they had the wrong “fit” with their technology they contacted us to find out what could be done. 

With problems ranging from slow computers to not being able to have a password reset, its fair to say that they were very disillusioned with their entire system. After a review of what they had, we identified a number of things including attachments that wouldn’t open, Office 365 that wouldn’t work and a team that really couldn’t communicate. All of this added up to lost time, lost customers and a lot of frustration 

During our first onsite visit, we were able to identify that the level of support given to Burch & Purchese was far below the standard that it should have been. After taking charge of the Office 365 subscription, we supplied a locally installed version of Office 365 that used far less bandwidth, which fixed the slow computer issue. We then gave Administrator rights to the correct people, along with customized documentation & training that has empowered their admin team to get things done quickly without relying on outside support. Having to wait for 6 weeks to have a password changed just isn’t what IT support is all about. 

Further visits have allowed us to examine and recommend changes to their internal network, resulting in a vast change in speed to all points of the business. 

With an “outside of business hours” approach, remote monitoring and ongoing proactive communications, we have been able to recommend ways that Burch and Purchese can save money from their IT budget to use in other areas of the business. 

After all, we think that’s what your IT department should do 


15 May 2019 (Ongoing)

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