How to clean up Bogus Bounce Rates in Google Analytics

Robert Foster · 13 January 2016

I've been taking a look at the website traffic in Google Analytics lately and noticed quite a few Sources that result in a 100% Bounce Rate consistently.  On further investigation it seems I'm a victim of deceptive referrer spam bots like this one.

The proposed solution is to set up a filter on your View to filter out the unwanted results, but then you need to go in and update the filter or add a new one every time you come across another spam bot.  What if you could have those unwanted results filtered out based on other metrics?

So I did some playing around with the filter on my Channels Acquisition report and came up with this filter:

Include / Exclude Metric Qualifier Value
Include Bounce Rate Less than 100
Include Avg. Session Duration Greater than 0

Of course, you could probably get away with just the  Avg. Session Duration > 0 filter and do away with the Bounce rate altogether without it affecting your results significantly.

Apply the above filter and you'll notice a drop in the number of results, and your average bounce rate should improve and be a lot more accurate.

Once you are happy with your filter, you can create a Shortcut - effectively bookmarking it for later use.


Robert Foster

Robert Foster

Robert is a seasoned software consultant and with over 25 years in designing software architecture and development across a broad spectrum of technologies from desktop and windows server applications through to websites and cloud solutions and mobile apps. He has been part of the Umbraco scene for many years, contributing to the core and developing packages. Robert is currently responsible for the organisation and facilitation of Umbraco meetups in Melbourne and Sydney and is a key driver in community initiatives like the Umbraco Down Under Festival.

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