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Phil Scattergood · 22 July 2019

Here at Your IT Team, we take security seriously and we think any business should think the same way. That's why we are happy to announce that we have become LastPass affiliates! That means that we can help you with password security and, it doesn't have to be difficult expensive or time-consuming. Because passwords are the easiest link in the security chain to break, it's perhaps the most important to secure.

Passwords can be frustrating

Many people use a notebook or scraps of paper to remember their password. Of course, this s not the best way to keep your information secure. Anyone can pick up a notebook or a sheet of paper and log in as you, accessing all of your information and using your identity. There's also the other side to this which is the amount of lost time spent looking up those passwords. Between security, productivity and frustration it all begins to add up.

LastPass is a cloud-based software package that stores all of your passwords for you. It works by installing into your web-browsers, so that each time you go to a login screen, it automatically captures your log-in details and stores them in a secure folder for you. Whenever you return to that login screen, it offers to enter your details for you. While that sounds simple, and it is, it also comes with a "password generator". In just 2 or 3 clicks you can generate a password containing 12 or more characters enter it into "change password" screen of the site you are visiting, and LastPass remembers it for you.

Not sure if you need it?

In today's online business environment, the Bad Guys are looking for easy targets and small business is on their radar. Social media accounts such as Facebook are easy targets, as are other major software packages, including your Office software. You definitely don't want anyone accessing your company or personal data, and strong passwords are the first step to staying safe.

LastPass makes things harder for anyone trying to get in. You can now have a different password for every site, and you only ever have to remember one of them. That's the login for your LastPass password manager. Once you login to LastPass, it does the rest for you. Save time and be secure. That's good for any business.

At a glance

If you're looking to save time and frustration while securing your details, then LastPass might be what you are looking for. It's a small investment that saves so much time.

Stay with us as we begin looking at ease of use, features and why it's a great idea for your business. Life is easier for you, harder for the Bad Guys. LastPass is just a click away. Give us a call, or click through the link on this page for more information.

In our next article, we will be looking at how it works to save you time and frustration.

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Phil Scattergood

Phil Scattergood

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