A New Purpose...

Back in service with a new energy.

Robert Foster · 10 September 2018

Welcome to Your friendly IT Team!  Please excuse while we renovate and let the dust settle...

Since the start of 2018 , we've undergone a truly important transformation, emerging with a new purpose and energy that we know will truly serve us and our clients better.

To begin with, we've expanded beyond website development and support services and now offer custom tailor-made, fully responsive and cross-platform email templates.  This is something we've been asked to do a lot recently, and we've become quite adept at finding that unique fit for each customer. We're always exploring new technologies and strategies so we evolve as you do. 

Our newest projects are all 'hush hush' for now due to non-disclosure agreements, but we should have more news up in the coming weeks.  Its a great moment to celebrate what we do well and get ready for the next phase...  


Who uses a person's face as the company logo?

When I was presented with our new company logo, the email that accompanied it began:

"I have worked on your logo and have followed the strong impulse I had to draw the attached ….. you might recognise it somewhat 😁 😉"
Désirée Delaloye, Design-Arts

At first I was a little unsure if I wanted my face on the company letterhead, but after sitting with it for a while, I realised that just like this awesomely drawn cartoon face, our company is open, friendly and honest! So far, everyone I've bounced if off likes it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Full Credit goes to Désirée Delaloye for her amazing work.  You can view more of it here - external site.

Your (friendly) IT Team - yes, that's right, it has my face!
Your (friendly) IT Team - yes, that's right, it has my face!


Robert Foster

Robert Foster

Robert is a seasoned software consultant and with over 25 years in designing software architecture and development across a broad spectrum of technologies from desktop and windows server applications through to websites and cloud solutions and mobile apps. He has been part of the Umbraco scene for many years, contributing to the core and developing packages. Robert is currently responsible for the organisation and facilitation of Umbraco meetups in Melbourne and Sydney and is a key driver in community initiatives like the Umbraco Down Under Festival.

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